Ultimate Ways To Create Social Media Strategy For your Business

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Ultimate Ways To Create Social Media Strategy For your Business

We all know social media isn’t just a tool for socializing, both big and small businesses make use of it to boost their marketing strategy.

As a marketing tool, social media does not only bring in new customers but also boost sales giving your brand that Iconic figure.

As a brand, your focus target on social media should be on how to create awareness for your services/products taking advantage of everything social media has to offer.

For you to understand fully the advantages of social media, how best to strategize with it for marketing purposes, it’s imperative to understand how various social media platforms work, the statistics on people’s usage and which ones to employ for your brand.

Take a look at some popular platforms. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are commonly used by teenagers while Google is the largest search engine with Youtube coming second. Recognizing this and how to fully exploit it is based on whatever kind of products/services you offer as well as the objectives of your brand.

This, of course, requires a marketing strategy. However, before we jump to the best methods for creating a social media market strategy for any kind of brand, you need to answer the following questions.

  • Why Should Your Brand Be On Social Media?
  • What exactly are your goals on social media?
  • To drive sales?
  • Establish a relationship with your existing customers?
  • Form a new relationship with new clients?
  • To boost traffic on your company website?

Ultimately, the following are goals any brand/business owners should have for going social online.

Create and increase brand awareness, increase website visits, create fresh leads(conversions), boost up sales/sign ups so as to generate more revenue, promote brand engagement, create a community for your brand, to create strong customer service, get noticed by the press, be aware of conversations going off about your brand.

It’s ok to have more than one of these goals or as many as possible. In the latter case, a large team of different groups to tackle goals would best suit your brand.

Do You recognize The Target Audience For Your Brand?

You need to not only recognize the target audience that best suits your brand/business but also understand them.

This will only make it easier for you to know exactly the kind of content to share on social media, where and when to share the content. Are they teens, youths, adults, etc.

  • Where do they live?
  • Which social media platforms do they use most?
  • Do they love traveling?
  • Exoctic places?
  • Celebrity gossip/gists?
  • Football updates?
  • Political updates?
  • What time do they search mostly for the content you want to create?
  • In what manner do they consume the kind of content you’re about to share?

Ultimate Ways To Create Social Media Strategy For your Business
What Type of Content Will Your Brand Share?

After recognizing the target audience for your brand, you have to critically think about the kind of content to share on your social media platforms.

You need to choose a theme for the content. You can have more than one main theme so you get a lot of freedom to create as well as share different kinds of content for your target audience.

Having recognize your audience, you’ll be able to determine their problems and how best to solve them.

For instance, A brand dealing in sanitary towels, its target audience will want to be updated about the latest additions and improvements.

The brand will have no choice but to keep sharing its latest range of products, funny and engaging tips on how to use the new products.

Where Will Your Brand Share The Content?

This is the stage where you have to decide and chose the best platform to share your content. It’s important to know that it’s not compulsory to be registered on every single social media out there.

You certainly don’t want to bite more than you can chew. The fewer social media profiles you’re on, the clearer your focus on what content to create, how best to create it and definitely increase the volume of content you create.

Consider the most popular ones for your brand/business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You might also consider others though. It all depends on your brand and its goals.

What Time Is Best To Share?

This is the stage where you determine the best time to put your content out there on your social media profiles. You have to make conclusive research on when your target audience mostly uses social media.

While there isn’t a best or universal time to share your content, you still have to know your target audience fully by giving enough attention to their general behavior patterns.

You can also carry out an experiment on the best time to share your content.

Tools & Techniques Required To Create An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

1. Social Media Calendar

Ultimate Ways To Create Social Media Strategy For your Business

It would be very easy to see every one of your content on your social media profiles by using a central calendar such as an app like CoSchedule, Spreadsheet calendar template.

2. Curation Tools

You can either make use of chrome extension or the Coshedule app to create your content filling up every space on your calendar.

3. Google Analytics

In other to find where your target audience is most active, you need google analytics to get the needed information on your social media referral traffic.

4. In-app Analytics

You can also make use of CoShedule. It has a reporting feature and automated analytics to gauge performance data and relevant audience.

Now, let’s delve into the ultimate ways to create a social media strategy for your business


Ultimate Ways To Create Social Media Strategy For your Business


Since you have one thing in common with your competitors, the same target audience, make a complete research about the kind of social media networks your competitors are on to get their largest followings.

Search for as many competitors as you can on different social media platforms particularly the most popular ones. Put down the number of followers on each network they are on to determine what best fits your own brand.


Having made a research about your competitors, the next step to take is to find out which social media channel your target audience is on. You definitely won’t want to share content on the wrong platform.

So, this is very important. The question of how many social media accounts you should open can be answered by creating a list of up to five platforms your target audience are most active in.

Competitors’ Content

Try to analyze how your competitors engage their audience on social media networks. The kind of contents they produce such as attention-grabbing contents, videos, and images, quick messages like slogans, quotes, jokes, and the likes.

All these are things you should sort out well before creating your own content.

Paid Promotions

Paid promotions are great for a social media market strategy. Try to make use of paid promotion to share your content on social media to the right audience in a strategic manner.

The payment isn’t as costly as people may think. Each social media platform has a paid promotion feature a brand can use to find their audience. The one with the biggest result is your best option.


You also need to analyze and identify the different demographics that social media platforms attract so you can align your content with your audience’s preference.

Feedback From Current Customers

Ultimate Ways To Create Social Media Strategy For your Business

Always survey your customers by creating a feedback channel in other to get more enlightened about the kind of content they prefer, how best to serve them, what they like or dislike about your product/services, why they purchase your products or hire your services, their social media preference. No Brand ever failed from learning from this.

Connecting With Your Audience

After conducting all the necessary research, you can connect to your audience so as to achieve your marketing objectives. Run a social media marketing campaign, track it just to ensure it’s not off the mark and it’s very effective. Note that making assumptions in running a marketing campaign can prove fatal. You don’t want to make mistakes and run on loses. Spot the following metrics that can show the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign below.


To determine the number of people you reach that actually consume your content. Reach is a metric that gives you an idea of how large your audience is.


It is important in knowing just exactly what your audience really thinks about your brand. It answers questions on how actively the audience engages with your content regularly, how they share the content around, the conversations they are holding on it. You have to examine your brand engagement metrics based on your social media marketing objectives.


Achieving your business goals isn’t something that can be done overnight or in a few weeks. It requires effort, time and patience. It won’t kill you to conduct the necessary research and take effective steps in selling your brand. Most business owners just follow the crowd without actually knowing what’s best for their brand. You should know better and give your business nothing but the best. Only then can you achieve success.

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