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18 Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook In Nigeria

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Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook In Nigeria

Every day, Facebook helps millions of small businesses around the world to achieve their goals. With over 2.13 billion active monthly users worldwide, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform year after year.

And while the beginning of 2018 has seen the network’s trust put into question amid a large-scale data breach, projections still see Facebook’s user base increasing well into 2019.

In short, Facebook remains the leading and most used social media network in the digital (and social) sphere.

A lot of B2B and B2C companies are already leveraging Facebook pages and groups as a means of reaching out to a wider audience and to grow their business.

As with most social media, best practices and techniques change pretty rapidly as consumers become smarter, savvier and eager for something new.

However, there are several best practices that have proven to be effective ways to grow your business with facebook in Nigeria

Taking advantage of Facebook’s resources used to be a simple formula:

  • post frequently,
  • engage occasionally and
  • expect your customers or clients to follow on your brand’s journey.

This is not the case in today’s highly-competitive landscape.

The Chart below shows the statistics of social media usage in Nigeria from July 2018 to August 2019


effective way to market your

Source: Statcounter

Setting goals specific for Facebook has become increasingly important. While these may vary according to industry, the three main goals to keep in mind are: to increase Facebook “likes”, to improve engagement, and to increase sales.

These big three are umbrella goals that should be monitored frequently. If you’re unsure of where to begin, we’re here to help. Here are 20 effective ways to grow your business with facebook in Nigeria.

18 Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook In Nigeria


1. Start a conversation

What’s important to your customers?
What keeps them engaged?
Start the conversation and find out. Not only is engagement proven to make customers more likely to convert and buy, but it also helps brands build up trust and a loyal community, keeping you in touch with what people think, want and buy. For example, you can keep the conversation flowing on your popular Facebook business Page, and share daily tips, news, and humor with your loyal fanbase.

2. Motivate people

One of the goals of any company on Facebook is generating sales. However, if you want people to follow your Page or buy your product then you must give them a good reason to take action. Competitions and offers can help businesses reach wider audiences and gain new customers—often within a short period of time. Make your interaction educative and uplifting, by so doing then will always have a second thought about you and what you have to offer.

3. Post regularly.

This may seem a bit disturbing but it’s a simple hack. Businesses that post on a regular basis seem to get better interactions and engagement on Facebook. However, you mustn’t post about just anything that comes to your head and hope people will like it.

4. Post relevant content.

What will interest my customers? This should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about posting any content in line with what your business does.

  1. What is relevant to them?
  2. What will they respond to?

These are the types of things you should post regularly.[clickToTweet tweet=” Your message shouldn’t always be about making a sale or announcing company news #facebook #digitrybe #socialmedia” quote=” Your message shouldn’t always be about making a sale or announcing company news”]

Your message shouldn’t always be about making a sale or announcing company news; in fact, this should only happen if it benefits the customer (announcing a big sale) or is an important emergency (like your website going down). Facebook posts should be about building a relationship by engaging the customer with something interesting, useful, insightful or humorous. You can also spark conversation by posing a question or making a bold statement and asking people to “like” if they agree and to comment if they disagree.

 5. Create a landing page that encourages “likes”

This really makes it easier for people to follow or like your business page even when they are not on Facebook, they can still “like” your page. You can easily achieve this by adding a “like” button on a landing page. It is an easy way to get clicks while keeping the reader on your website at the same time so a double win for you.

6. Partner with influencers 

Influencers have an extensive reach and a community of committed followers and partnering with one, two or even more will spread the word of your brand in an indirect way; resulting in a promotion that looks casual and organic, rather than pushy.


7. Make your customers part of your story

The key to a successful business is having happy customers. Once you can get them to love your brand then you are all the way up. By encouraging customers to share their feedback on your products and services, not only do you deepen engagement and build trust, you’ll also have the opportunity to reach wider audiences.

8.Leverage on Facebook groups to share your content

Joining Facebook groups that relate to your industry expertise or business niche is a great way to connect with B2C and B2B prospects who would otherwise have not come across your page.

9. Facebook messaging for better customer service

Your customers would always want to come back if they had a great experience with your brand. Not just about the product but also the relationship you are expected to have built one the first meeting. Great service sets businesses apart from the crowd and keeps customers loyal.

Page messaging is a quick and easy way to answer queries and stay in touch with customers.

10. Respond to messages as soon as possible

People do not really like being unattended to most times, the rate at which you answer their quest matters. When comments or messages come in, make sure to respond quickly and eloquently. If you have a slow response rate, Facebook will point this out directly on your page.

11. Post at the right time

Timing is everything.

You should figure out the best time at which you can engage your audience more and share your posts at those times. And while the “right” time may vary according to your industry, location, and audience, there exist a set of general guidelines to abide by when scheduling your Facebook posts.

12. Use Insights to understand your customers

This is a hub for info. Here you can find out who’s looking at your Page, when and how. You can also see which types of content they engage with most so that you can figure out what’s working best. Insights are also handy when you’re using Facebook Ads because they can help you decide on relevant target audiences and match up Ad copy and creative according to what interests those audiences most.


13. Conduct polls 

Conducting a poll can improve your customers’ engagement. Throw up question or make them choose from a variety of things. From there you can get to know what a majority of your audience likes. You can also Implement ‘third party” survey tools, like the popular Survey Monkey, which can provide further resources than the basic Facebook “questions” feature.


14. Sponsor contests and sweepstakes

Hosting a Facebook contest is fairly straightforward and can generate a lot of traffic to your page, along with new “likes.” A contest or sweepstakes can be as easy or as complicated as you want; just be sure to have the rules and regulations reviewed by an attorney to ensure no one finds cause to sue you after the fact. For example, you can host a slogan contest: users can submit an idea for your company’s new slogan by posting it directly in a Facebook comment, and the winner gets something like a gift card or a cinema ticket.

15. Give something away

According to research, one of the key reasons people like a business on Facebook is because of a discount or special offer.  One good way to keep your audience is to continue to offer special deals. Remember, it’s about the relationship, not a one-night stand.

16. Go Live on Facebook

With around 8 billion video views on Facebook daily, it’s clear that video is winning in the engagement stakes. Yes! A lot of businesses are killing it with videos, so why don’t you give it a try. You don’t really need a huge budget getting this done. Just with a smartphone with a very good camera and you are good to go.

17. Find new audiences

A loyal following is a great starting point for growth.
 You can find and reach new audiences who are exactly like the kinds of people who are already your customers. Custom and Lookalike audiences can be created from your existing customer data, meaning that you can reach people with an interest in your product or service easily. This makes advertising on Facebook less of a guessing game—and way more cost-effective than traditional channels.


18. Use Facebook’s paid advertising.

Facebook ads are starting to grow in popularity, as are promoted posts, but paid advertising still doesn’t perform as well as other advertising platforms (such as Google AdWords). If you want to use paid Facebook advertising, it’s wise to use it sparingly and for events, products or promotions that you think can really benefit from a little-added exposure.


As simple as it may seem, Facebook is a complex platform that can be used to your business’ advantage. It remains the most popular social network, forever improving and changing its performance.

We have seen 18 effective way to grow your business with facebook in Nigeria. For businesses who have not started leveraging this channels can start today or you can contact a social media manager to help you out.

Any more ways you think might be useful to business growth? Please drop them in the comment section below.

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