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Business Blogging; The Pros & Cons.

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business blogging: pros & cons

To increase the awareness of your business, visibility and boost sales, you need a business blog.

It’s where most of your SEO will be concentrated on. While there are a few misconceptions about it, it does have a lot of advantages you should be utilizing already.

Based on a marketing study, about 80% of brands who employ blogging as part of their marketing strategy got more customers. Not only does a business blog attract more customers, but it also improves inbound marketing as well as drives more traffic to websites.

When your prospects search for information using Google, especially something that relates to your industry, and your blog happens to readily provide such information, then the awareness of your brand increases.

business blogging: pros & cons

As long as your blog keeps providing the Information your visitors need, they’ll keep coming back for more. The importance of blogging cannot but be overemphasized. 

Business Blogging In Nigeria


1. Brand Awareness

Blogging about your business boosts the visibility of your brand and also makes it possible for people to connect with your brand.

You can show potential customers through blogging your business vision and persona such that they can identify with your brand immediately wherever they come across any of your content in whatever channel.

business blogging: pros & cons

Business blogging gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers in a unique way that isn’t even possible with the techniques of outbound marketing. 


2. Customer Engagement

There’s no way you’d make a headway in your business if you are not engaging with your customers.

Fortunately, business blogging allows you the avenue to establish a relationship with your customers (both potential and current) which is why there is always a comment feature so that people can drop their opinions and you can as well respond to them accordingly.

It builds trust and loyalty between your brand and your audience.

You’d be able to get a feel of what they want and how best to give it to them and when customers are well served, your business booms, sales increase, and more opportunities present themselves to you.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Regular blogging about your business tells google and other search engines that you have fresh as well as great content for ranking.

Optimizing content on your blog for search engines gives you a chance to rank high when people type in keywords you must have already included in those content.

Continuously doing this and your site will be among the first few results if not the first that comes up when people search for content relating to your industry.

It takes dedication and effort. The good news is, it pays and costs less to nothing but your strategic efforts. 

4. Thought Leader in Industry

When you consistently share valuable content on your blog, answer every question, provide expert solutions, your customers and prospects will come gradually see you as a leader in that industry.

You’d automatically become their first source for valuable information related to the industry. It might even be about general information.

Why this is great for your business is because your site gets higher convention rates and ultimately sales.

business blogging: pros & cons

That way, you’d be establishing your brand as an expert. It’s important you create a marketing strategy for blogging so you can make the most out of it. 


Business blogging can be bad in the following ways.

1. Technicality

Business blogging has a technical side to it and some business owners are not just tech-savvy.

Mostly, the technical part of it has to do with building a website on blogging platforms.

Fortunately, there are sites that allow people (with no background whatsoever in tech) to build blogs without many difficulties.

business blogging: pros & cons

Such sites include WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Square space. Don’t let this delay your blogging business. Either make use of one of those sites mentioned above or hire out a web developer.

2. Time

This is one big obstacle to business blogging.

Since it requires consistent effort to get the best results, you’d need a lot of time to make and implement those efforts.

Time, unfortunately, is a limited resource that must be created and used judiciously.

Business blogging eats a huge chunk of time in which business owners do not have much of it by the way.

business blogging: pros & cons

Generally, creating content takes time. Editing, however, takes more time. It would be best to plan your content in advance so you can maximize the use of your time.

The more you blog, the faster you get at creating valuable content. 

3. Lack of Appreciation from Customers

This can kill confidence faster than one.

Even though you put out great content, some people might still be dissatisfied over it.

They might even proceed to exploit your expertise by constantly getting in touch with you via phone or email to make inconsequential inquiries.

business blogging: pros & cons

Something that could have been done easily with the use of Google.

The twist is, you should turn this to your advantage because when you solve whatever issue they bring to you, you’re automatically establishing yourself as a thought leader or a specialist in the industry. See?

Good things can come out of bad things.

All you need is extra patience and foresight. You can start by drawing a map of your target persona and then that will give you more insights to who you are writing for 

See how to draw your target persona in the article we have written –

4. Competition

Optimizing the content on your business blog is much harder than you think due to the fact that there are a lot of blogs out there in the same Industry as yours that also produce well-optimized content to rank high on search engines.

Thousands of results are now available for every topic out there which makes it difficult for business owners particularly those who are new in the game to rank high in search engine results.

business blogging: pros & cons

That is not to say it’s impossible. It is, as long as you direct your focus more to your audience rather than obsessing over search engines.

Just keep pushing out valuable content for your customers. 

Wondering how you can get more traffic to your blog? Let give you a road map to make blogging super easy for your brand. Schedule a session with us now and we would reach out to you asap.

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