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business blogging: pros & cons

Business Blogging; The Pros & Cons.

To increase the awareness of your business, visibility and boost sales, you need a business blog. It’s where most of your SEO will be concentrated on. While there are a few misconceptions about it, it does have a lot of advantages you should be utilizing already. Based on a marketing study, about 80% of brands

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holiday marketing strategies

10 Holiday Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners

The holiday is fast approaching and before you can say jack, it’s knocking on your door. Small business owners, CEOs, Sales professionals or even marketers would want to use this period to maximize sales but most times it doesn’t happen the way they envisioned. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing  10 holiday marketing strategies

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free content marketing tools

Free Content Marketing Tools [A Complete List]

  Even if you’re a noob in the world of digital marketing, you’ve probably got wind of the slogan ‘content is king.’ The good news is it still holds the crown on its head since content marketing is one of the best ways to put your brand out there. The bad news is all marketers know this,

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Structure Your Digital Marketing Team

How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Team For Effective Work Flow

Building the right marketing team takes a whole lot of research, patience, and dedication. Not to mention the leadership skills you’ll need to motivate them. Trust us, we know! When you outsource your marketing requirements to deloxxe, we’ll make sure you get a highly-skilled team of marketers ready to improve your metrics from day one. Contact

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The Power of Color In Your Branding (and How to Use it)

When it comes to design and branding, color was long disregarded as mere aesthetics. The primary focus being which colors would make a design look good. However, as color psychology and marketing research grew in importance and their findings on the effects of color choices on revenue and branding put a new perspective on how designers

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