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10 Holiday Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners

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holiday marketing strategies

The holiday is fast approaching and before you can say jack, it’s knocking on your door.

Small business owners, CEOs, Sales professionals or even marketers would want to use this period to maximize sales but most times it doesn’t happen the way they envisioned.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing  10 holiday marketing strategies for small business owners and help us achieve better results from our sales. All that is need is just a few tweaks and implementing a few strategies.

holiday marketing strategies

I realized that most time business owners especially when it’s close to the end of the year would rather stock up their stores with different products hoping that they are definitely going to sell out because they feel people will flood their shops to buy.

Sometimes they are successful and other times ***crickets*****

Plan busted!!!! ….. they carryover 90% of those goods to the next year

Why does this happen? they begin to ask themselves. Why didn’t the customers come to me? why go to the next store? Why are we not getting traffic? Low conversions? In the end, they are sad and the blame goes to the employees, they know nothing. This is usually the typical scenario.

So without further ado,  I’d quickly share those strategies that will help maximize your online sales.

10 Holiday Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners


1.  Plan early

Too many businesses procrastinate when it comes to developing their holiday marketing strategy. Your target market should start thinking about your business and their holiday shopping before December rolls around. That’s why your team needs to work on its seasonal marketing campaign early, around August or September. In a country like ours, people save for the December holiday.

There are a lot of activities, a lot to be bought and a lot to be spent on. We know that once it is the ember month, our cost of spending will hike up. Business owners tend to make the mistake of waiting till it is December before they start but this is very false. Start earlier, if you’ve not started, start now. You do not necessarily need to showcase a product, start up your brand awareness campaign and let them start storing your brand in their mind while mapping out their budget and who to buy from

holiday marketing strategies

2. Offer the best customer experience

To be honest, the holidays are sometimes notorious for creating stress especially when it comes to gift shopping. Your business can alleviate consumer stress, however, by providing useful tips and tricks to make their experience even better. Supposing you manage a fashion store, you can start listing the best cloth match along with accessories that will make them look exceptional. Don’t stress them by allowing them to buy a shirt from A and trousers from B. If you sell food recipes or you own an online grocery store, your store could produce content that offers simple holiday recipes to make cooking for the holidays even easier. Reduce stress for them, they’d love you like till the next holiday and the next too.?

holiday marketing strategies

3. Show gratitude to shoppers

Have you ever realized that when you respectfully thank someone for what he has done he wants to do another one? During the holiday season, consumers can spend a significant amount of time debating what and where they want to spend their money when it comes to purchasing gifts. That means even loyal and long-term customers may shop elsewhere this season.

If your business wants to pull potential and previous shoppers back into your store, then you need to stay top-of-mind. An excellent holiday marketing strategy for keeping consumers dedicated and loyal to your brand focuses on gratitude. Show shoppers how valuable they are to your business. While there are many different ways you can thank clients, sending out a thank you email or a physical card are both simple acts that can motivate consumers to do their holiday shopping with your business.


4. Create a webroom for your products

Just like a showroom where your clients go to seel all your products in person, it will be cool you list out all of your holiday products in a particular page so they can view all of this and explores from different angles

holiday marketing strategies

5. Gear up your email marketing

The holiday season is one charged with energy and bustling with different activities. Your customers are always on the go. Whether they’re out running errands or catching up on their holiday shopping, your ideal shopper doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to phone calls, physical meetings. You can guarantee, however, that your target market is checking their email inbox. Throughout the holiday season, other businesses (YOUR COMPETITORS)send shoppers a variety of offers. That’s why consumers frequently check their email during the holiday shopping season. They want to get the best deal, and email can help them save. So what are you waiting for? They can’t wait to see your deals too, send it to them.


6. Don’t dull your festive ads

You need not to just look exceptional but mind-blowing. Starting with your offer to your creatives, it should be something they can’t resist, that they shouldn’t pass by. It must draw their attention to your brand like bees does to honey. Investing in your creatives, it goes a long way in creating the buzz around your brand. If you’re investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can focus on creating ads that feature a holiday touch in the ad copy or ad itself. For example, your ad copy may say, “Get the perfect gift this holiday season,” to emphasize the holidays.

holiday marketing strategies

7. Cross-sell like crazy

See, these consumers have saved a lot for this period. You can use the power of pop-ups to cross-sell your site visitors. Show them some other irresistible offers they can get from your store, they’d likely buy. Also don’t forget to add your “frequently bought with” section, add fitting matches to each of your products they’d appreciate it a lot and add it to cart.


8. Drive easy sales by retargeting customers

When the holiday season comes around and the ads get more competitive, the costs of advertising on Facebook, Instagram and even on Google get substantially higher. A great way to beat that and drive additional ROI from your higher budget is to target users who have been bought from you the last holiday. Thinking of going for the cold audience might cost you a little more at large. Alternatively, you can simply target users who’ve bought something from your store previously. If your product is good, they are likely to come back again for more of your offers.

9. Use Videos

Adding a video to your website, emails, or social media page can help you share your company’s message in a way that invites users to learn more about your brand. A video showcasing your on sale products will send a message to the customers faster and trigger actions. Videos are user-friendly too, plus they make it easy for viewers to learn more about your products and their uses.

using videos for holiday marketing

10. Appeal to shopper emotions

The holidays ignite a mixture of emotions, from excitement to nostalgia. A smart holiday marketing strategy appeals to these emotions, which can encourage users to make your company a part of their holiday shopping.

These, in general, are the best strategies your brand can use in upping your sakes this holiday season. Here are  lead generation hacks for small businesses

Bonus Tip

Market your brand

During the holiday seasons, most people always want to push out their products more without putting effort into their branding. It’s also essential for your company to promote its brand. When you focus on sharing not only your products but also your brand, it can leave a lasting impression on shoppers. If your company focuses on producing eco-friendly products, for example, it can encourage users to choose your business versus a competitor. In addition, remind them to keep your brand in their minds always.

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